Kellogg's "LoveURCereal" Breakfast

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Marketing to moms isn't easy. You can't simply slap a picture of a family on your package and go. Modern parents read labels and are demanding accountability from brands. That's we we teamed up with Kellogg's to host a "LoveUrCereal" breakfast. We wanted to connect Kellogg's with moms to share questions and ideas--it was a huge success. Why? Because Kellogg's listened.

We had a gorgeous, sunny fall day to gather on my roof and discuss the breakfast rush. Guests enjoyed a selection of Kellogg'??s cereals, fruit and yogurt, homemade Rice Krispies'?? Treats and some awesome goody bags from Kellogg's.

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Local chef/mom Romy Horn ( provided a brief cooking demo for all the moms and dad/fitness guru, Michael Feigin ( gave back to school fitness tips.

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Midway through the breakfast the guests and host engaged in a Skype discussion about cereal and morning routines with Kellogg Company'??s Senior Manager Sandy Uridge.

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What we learned:

  • Everyone serves breakfast in the morning and moms see it as an essential way to fuel kids for the school day. Kellogg'??s cereals are a leading source of 10 nutrients and they are low fat, low cholesterol and low in calories.
  • A key concern is keeping kids full after an early meal (aka as the looong walk to school with cries of "I'm hungry"). The answer for most moms was adding protein every morning. 
  • Kellogg'??s talked about thier use of High Fructose Corn Syrup. We were told that "Kellogg'??s is constantly studying breakfast and that they strive as a company to get better and better.'? Need proof? Over the past decade, Kellogg'??s has added fiber and reduced sugar and sodium in thier cereals
  • Moms are worried about obesity and sugar levels. We learned that on average 5% of a child'??s average intake comes from cereal. Did you know: Children who eat cereal on a regular basis have lower BMIs.

Kudos to Kellogg's for organizing this excellent and informative breakfast. Smart brands should pay attention. This is how moms want to be treated--as valuable customers and resources. Thank you Kellogg's for listening and we can't wait to see what you dream up next. For recipes and nutrition ideas visit

This is a sponsored post. Momtrends was compensated to host the breakfast and write this post.

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