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Toilets, frogs, runny noses, and dirt. These are just a few things your child may encounter each day. Since school is back in session and it's likely that germs are going to be spreading (did you know that nearly 22 million school days are lost to colds) we parents have to take action.

Washing little hands is by far the most important thing we can do to keep illness at bay. Expecting kids to make multiple trips to the bathroom to suds up is a tad unrealistic, but there is a solution, gels and wipes. I came across a nifty new hand cleaner called Cleanwell.

Cleanwell products use Ingenium (a derivative of thyme), a botanically-sourced essential plant oil that kills 99.99% of the gross stuff that ends up on our hands. Unlike some of the other hand gels, Clenawell doesn't use alcohol. The product comes in spray and wipes. I like the spray for convenience--a quick spritz is all you need to refresh. I think the scent is a bit like mint gum and it leaves my hands much less dry than when I use Purell.

The bottles come in three sizes and start at $6.99. Of course it's more expensive than Purell ($1.39 for 2.5 oz at and similar cleaners, but this product is better for your family and the environment.

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