Keep Lice and Ticks Away

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Lice and ticks--as someone who enjoys both city and country I get to fear both of them. Let's start with the city concerns. In our Brooklyn school system, we've had several lice outbreaks. I know lice can happen anywhere, but crowded spaces tend to be the perfect ground for spreading lice. To keep lice and ticks away you've got to stock up on the right products.

Since my girls started preschool five years ago, we've been using Fairy Tales. And--knock wood--not a single critter has appeared. Fairy Tales reports the shampoo and spray are 92% effective in repelling lice when used together. While I am not a scientist, and I can't prove that the shampoo works, I can say this--we use it religiously and have been lice free.

Each night after the bath, we spray the leave-in conditioning spray. It helps with tangles, and promotes shine, but mostly I'm interested in the repelling! The Rosemary Repel products are natural, chemical free products with organic ingredients such as rosemary, citronella, tea tree and peppermint--they smell great, but not to lice or ticks.

Keep Lice and Ticks Away Tips

1. Don't share hats, helmets, pillows, combs or brushes
2. Keep long hair up in a ponytail or braid
3. Don't wash hair every day. Lice attach easier to clean hair.
4. Use the RR Leave-in Conditioning Spray every day and between washes
5. Do weekly head checks

Download the free Facts of Lice app on your iPhones to report and be notified of lice outbreaks in your town.

Now about the ticks. There is nothing as gross as pulling a tick off your child's head. We hike with the girls a ton--and they love rolling in the grass. Lyme disease is not something I want to deal with. Guess what? The Rosemary Repel also works to keep ticks at bay. Really it is a secret weapon for parents who can't deal with critters. In fact, I spray my own head before we embark on a hike--just because there are castles on the bottle don't think this isn't effective for adults.

We use the entire The Rosemary Repel system. You can find the 5-pack includes at it includes: the Rosemary Repel Shampoo, RR Creme Conditioner, RR Leave-in Conditioning Spray, RR Hair Spray and RR Gel. Total retail value is $59.75. Use code MOMTRENDS to save 10% on your online orders.

Rosemary Repel 5pack

Momtrends is sponsored by Fairy Tales. Prior to this year, we have used the product for four years all on our own dime--because we love it and it works. We weren't told what to say, but we were given lice prevention tips.

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