July Momtrepreneur of the Month

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Having three kids and co-owning a large brand would be a big enough challenge for most women. Monica Kalozdi, Co-owner of Kalencom, set out to climb Mt. Everest in 2005. This Supermom dedicated her climb to the Teen Life Counts foundation in hopes to raise awareness about about teen suicide. Her athletic feats are admirable, but even more impressive is the steady growth of her high fashion baby brand.

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Parents adore that the diaper bags come outfitted with all the extras, such as insulated bottle bags and padded changing pads. Each season the company brings fresh fabrics and cool silhouettes to style starved moms. Check out the new Ozz Zinnia print!

For her attention to detail and her commitment to personal excellence, Monica Kalozdi is the July 2009 Momtreprenuer of the month. Click here for the exclusive Q & A here.

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