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JUICE PLUS+ ® Get the facts from doctors

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Earlier this month we introduced you to Juice Plus+ ® products (click here now we're going to talk about some of the doctors who work with Juice Plus+ ® to develop products that just might be the health boost your family needs.

This month I joined a Google+ HangOut featuring Drs. Bill and Jim Sears. For over an hour, I got to pepper them with questions about

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Dr. Jim Sears is a pediatrician in Orange County, California and co-host of the Emmy Award-winning daily syndicated show "The Doctors." Dr. Jim believes Juice Plus+ helps deliver much needed nutrition from fruits and vegetables into kids’ diets and is one of the best proactive measures that kids can take for their health.

Dr. Sears serves as Children's Health Specialist for AOL Health's Medical Advisory Board and is an active contributor to and is co-author of The Healthiest Kids in the Neighborhood (Little, Brown 2006), Father’s First Steps – Twenty-Five Things Every New Father Should Know, (Harvard Common Press 2006), the best-selling The Baby Book – Revised Edition, (Little Brown, 2003) and more.

Dr. Bill Sears (father to Dr. Jim) is also a pediatrician in Orange County. Dr. Bill and his wife Martha have written more than 30 popular books on children and parenting. Dr. Sears states, "Parents who feed their children the most nutritiously have the children who get sick the least. Juice Plus+ is a great way to get good nutrition from fruits and vegetables into kids."

Dr. Bill Sears is a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics, and of the Royal College of Pediatricians. He is known as "America's Pediatrician"--when we linked up to chat one of the first things he told me was that for 17 years his family has been taking Juice Plus+ ®. Both father and son have been raising their families with Juice Plus+ ®. I found out why.

Momtrends: When is the best time of day to take a supplement?

Dr. Jim Sears:When you are going to remember! For our family, the morning is the most organized meal of the day. This is when we have the best shot of remembering.

Momtrends: Should they be taken with food or water?

Dr. Bill Sears:It is important to take with meals. The healthy fats from foods helps the nutrients get absorbed.

Momtrends: Is this just for the kids, or do you take them too?

Dr. Jim Sears: I took 6 capsules today! And the first thing I do after a fatty meal is take Juice Plus+ ® to avoid the spike..

Momtrends: For families that aren't currently using vitamins or supplements, how do you get the kids to buy in?

Dr. Jim Sears:The chewables are a “treat” an after breakfast dessert. Substitute extra Juice Plus+ ®gummies for little treats.

Momtrends: Will kids that are picky eaters like this?

Dr. Jim Sears: The "Gummies" taste so good. I've yet to find a kid who doesn’t like them.

Momtrends: Sometimes eating well is such an uphill battle is there hope?

Dr. Bill Sears: I like to think of "metabolic programming" when it comes to food. I use this term to teach parents the idea that a young body will learn to love good foods. What you feed them first they will remember.

Momtrends: What are some ideal healthy foods to start kids on?

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Dr. Bill Sears:Avocado is a great first food. And here's a tip--open a capsule of Juice Plus+ ® and sprinkle on the contents of a capsule on it.

Momtrends: We've been hearing a lot about the at-home juicing trend--it seems expensive and messy. How does Juice Plus+ ® compare?

Dr. Bill: I know all about that! Our juicer is in the garage. This is less messy.

Momtrends: At what age can children start taking supplements?

Dr. Bill:6 months for the sprinkles.

Momtrends: Tell me a little bit about where the ingredients come from?

Dr. Bill:Everything we put in is non-GMO, pure and backed up with science. I’ve seen the farms where this is grown.

Dr.Jim:We’ve toured facilities and each batch is tested for heavy metals and pesticides. I feel good giving this to a baby that is 6 months old.

Momtrends: How does Juice Plus+ ® stand out with all the other supplements out there?

Dr. Bill Sears:We’ve been around so much longer than these other companies. We’ve done so many studies. We've got 31 studies in reputable journals. My favorite is the University of MD study showing that Juice+ protects blood vessel health. It keeps blood vessels smooth and supple.

Momtrends: Do you take any other supplements?

Dr.Jim:I take omega 3 if I'm not eating a lot of fish.

Momtrends: Does the franchise make sense for stay at home moms to build a business?

Dr. Bill: This is a great home business. Juice Plus+ ® is giving moms the opportunity to stay home with their young babies.

Dr.Jim:It's also a fun business for couples to run together. We deal with young families that are financially struggling. This can be a great success story.

To hear more about starting your own biz get franchise information here.

Want more? Here's Dr. Bill Sears on YouTube

To hear what more medical professionals have to say about Juice Plus+ ® visit:

Juice Plus+ ® products are available through your local Juice Plus+ ® representative or online. To connect with your nearest Juice Plus+ ® representative,call the Juice Plus+ ® Customer Care department at 800.347.6350, or head to

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