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Juice Plus+ ® sponsored me to talk to you all about junk food. I'm game.

Here's how I see it. You're busy. You've got kids. You've got to feed the kids. They want junk. It's easy to give them junk. It's cheap to give them junk. Junk let's you off the hook for a minute. But oh, the toll the junk takes it's toll on the family dynamic over time.

Since we've started Momtrends my writers and I have tried to NOT be too heavy handed about nutrition. I wish everyone could grow an organic garden and have a private chef make quinoa seem appetizing to the kids. But unlike Gwyneth Paltrow, I live in the real world. You and I, we've been know to make hotdogs and cupcakes a meal. Yep, we shoot for kale and salmon, but it doesn't happen every day. When I find products that help families stay on track, I'm intrigued.

For nearly two decades, Juice Plus+ ® has set out to help time-starved families fight the good fight when it comes to nutrition. This is an easy way to get the good stuff in your kids every day. Last week I got to talk to Dr. William Sears and Dr. Jim Sears (and co-host of the Emmy Award-winning daily syndicated show "The Doctors") I jumped on a video chat to explain the health benefits. I'm going to talk more about those later, but let's get you an overview.

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There are three ways to get the boost of vegetables and fruits from Juice Plus+ ®. First, there are the capsules. The capsules include juice powder concentrates from 25 different fruits, vegetables and grains that have been dried and ground into a fine powder packed with vitamins. They come in three options:


ORCHARD BLEND: apple, acerola cherry, pineapple, orange, cranberry, papaya, peach

GARDEN BLEND: beet, brown rice bran, broccoli, parsley, cabbage, carrot, oat bran, spinach, tomato, kale

VINEYARD BLEND: Concord grapes, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, bilberries, and elderberries.

Each blend contains no artificial flavors or colors, and is carefully tested to ensure that no pesticides or other contaminants affect the natural purity of the product.

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For kids, sometimes


work better. These are child-size in a tasty, soft chewable form. The appealing taste comes from two all-natural sweeteners - tapioca syrup and organic cane syrup - with absolutely no high fructose corn syrup. It contains no artificial flavors or artificial colors and is 100% vegetarian; the 'chewiness' comes from fruit pectins, not gelatin. The kids are getting 17 different fruits, vegetables, and grains in a form that's easy to dose out.

It's working. According to an ongoing survey of more than 150,000 families who take Juice Plus+ ®, children and adults are:
• Eating less fast food and more fruits and vegetables
• Drinking fewer soft drinks and more water
• Visiting the doctor less and attending school more

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In addition to Juice Plus+ ® capsules and chewables, Juice Plus+ Complete ® is a whole food based beverage mix available in French Vanilla and Dutch Chocolate flavors. It provides balanced nutrition packed with protein in every scoop and is ideal for an “on-the-go” breakfast, pre-exercise energy drink, post-workout recovery drink or late-night snack.

Juice Plus+ ® products are available through your local Juice Plus+ ® representative or online. To connect with your nearest Juice Plus+ ® representative,call the Juice Plus+ ® Customer Care department at 800.347.6350, or head to http://www.juiceplus.com/

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