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Ju-Ju-Be x tokidoki Collaboration


You know we love our diaper bags. It's a great way to stay on trend after the kids come along. We love this cool collaboration was that is both fun and entertaining (and exceptionally useful, by the way) check out the Ju-Ju-Be x tokidoki Collaboration.

It was during this fateful night that the founders of JuJuBe, known for diaper bags that kick innovative design up a notch, and the founders of tokidoki ("sometimes" in Japanese) decided it was time to bring eye-popping fun into the diaper bag world. EnterJu-Ju-Be x tokidoki, some of the coolest diaper (or anytime travel) bags out there. No more flowers and teddy bears, ladies. This is hip city flare and signature urban prints in 11 styles, including hobo bags, paci pods, bibs, overnight bags and diaper bags that fit it all in.

Be Prepared (shown above) is now my go-to bag for anywhere, any reason. The details (and design style) are what get me on this bag. The full zip-down front pocket has everything you need right at your fingertips - a picture pocket to keep photos handy (one of our kid, one of our dogs), a cell phone pocket, a key bungee clip, sunglasses keeper and two pockets.

Baby enjoys a full-size memory foam changing pad, two exterior insulated bottle pockets with Thinsulate by 3M for either cold or hot bottles, and quiet magnet closures (hush, little baby). Moms enjoy Teflon coating (read: stains wipe off with a wet wipe), AgION Antimicrobial Linings (read: kills germs, mold, mildew, fungus, bacteria, etc) and a brilliant crumb drain (read: no more reaching into what feels like the bottle of a cracker box.

Although we were blessed with only one kid, those of you with two or more will love that the inside mesh pockets have color coded tabs (don'??t wanna pull out Sarah'??s favorite toy when Andy is screaming his head off). And a structured bottom with luggage feet means no more dumping over your bag when you're looking for that toy,

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Not only is it genius in terms of functionality, but it has amazingly tough-yet-pretty metal hardware (a little metal star with a skull and a rhinestone in the front always makes me smile). No plastic nobs here.

jujube 2 Collage

The Be Right Back (shown above left) is a fantastic ergonomically curved backpack that totes around everything you would need with hands-free care. Not only does it have the same features (bottle holders, Teflon coating, etc), there's a great top storage pocket for your MP3 player, sunglasses or digital camera and a cell phone pocket. This is great for a hike or bike ride with your tot...or not.

In terms of just fun fashion, I love the Be Quick (shown above center and right). This cute wristlet adds just the right amount of flirty outrageous pattern to your outfit, while also being big enough to hold things like your cell phone, compact, wallet, extra diaper, wipes, etc.

There are two patterns to choose from with tokidoki signature style. Since the Iconic colorful pattern is a little busy for my taste, I love the black and white (with pops of magenta) TD Dream better. But it's not exactly a subtle print either. It's actually a crowded mosh pit of animated characters - rainbows with lightning bolts and smiles, angry mini-storm clouds, birds carrying cell phones, milk containers with horns, diamond bling, stars with skulls, vampire lips, heart and crossbones, Asian lovelies that are almost anime style, and more. I could go on, but looking at it for too long makes me dizzy. Happy, but dizzy.

The collection ranges from $18 to $188 and is available at

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