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We spend a lot of time with thoughts in our head, so why not write them down with some inspiration and guidance from Journals Unlimted, Inc. They offer over sixty titles (even for the Sledding '?? Snowmobiler), but we love their newest, Kid Stuff - My First Journaland Gratitude and Acts of Kindness.

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Jot down a random act of kindness or a good deed or just celebrate the things for which you are grateful in your life. It is a wonderful reminder of the important and positive things in your life. The best part is that you don'??t have to feel pressured to write each day because the pages aren'??t dated (love that).

For the smaller crew, The Kid Stuff '?? My First Journal offers space to write about being thankful and for the nice things you do for others, in addition to your favorite and least favorite parts of the day. But what I love most is the daily blank page allotted for artistic expression '?? coloring, drawing or even pasting your favorite picture of the day.

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Since it's travel month, we can't resist mentioning another journal. Adventures: My Road Trip Journal ($14). With 200 lined pages you'll create a memory of all the special moments and discoveries on the journey. Each page has numerous prompts for: date, odometer reading, sights/memorable events, weather, etc.

The hand-crafted styled journals are made in the USA on acid free recycled paper and have a durable hard cover with ring binding. They come in three sizes: Full (Measures 7.5" x 9"), Mid (Measures 3.5" x 8.5") and Mini (Measures 3" x 5.5"), for even the smallest handbag. Prices vary depending on size - 5.95 to 18.95. For more information go to

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