Java Java- Peet's Coffee Review


Friends, comrades, coffee lovers, lend me your taste buds as I take you through the wonderful tasting experience that was sent to me from Peet's Coffee. (And all you tea-drinkers, don't ignore, because this is for you, too).

For me, each day begins with a cup of coffee (okay, several) but sometimes it takes a little too much effort to brew a full pot first thing in the morning. I would much rather take those extra minutes I spend making coffee and convert them into sleep. If you're like me, then I have a solution for you.

Peet's Coffee has the perfect answer to your caffeine needs and makes it portable. Their Travel Coffee Press ($14.95) is an essential addition to your daily routine. Spending $3 here and there for a cup of gourmet coffee can add up. But now you can bring the grounds with you and make a cup of fresh, delicious coffee anywhere you are. All you need is hot water.

Peet's Columbia, Uzuri African Blend, and Sumatra coffees are smooth and strong. The best part about their brew is that you can always customize every cup to your complete taste. Darker? Add more grounds. Lighter? Let it seep for less time. Any way you like it, you can make it with their coffees and their press pot.

Their coffees (and teas!) make excellent gifts- we were sure happy to taste them.

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We were able to stay up passed our bedtime to write this post.

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