It's Never Too Late for Thank You

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2015 was the year of giving thanks. After nearly nine years in business, I recognize that I'd be nowhere without the readers who connect with us, the brands that support us and the bloggers that work with us.

Since it was the year of gratitude, first and foremost we tried to serve our community by giving you awesome features. We invested in better photography and made an effort to post less frequently but with better quality. I think the site looks pretty sharp! There were other things too. For the readers, oh did we deliver some amazing giveaways, and we put our blood sweat and tears into our special guides to make life easier for all the parents out there.

When it came time to thank all the bloggers in our orbit we headed to Minted to spread cheer. For years, families have been relying on Minted for holiday cards, but what about your brand? Why not make a pretty effort to let those you work with know you appreciate them.

giving thanks

We picked the Fresh Thanks Business Holiday Cards and personalized them--we even added a photo on the back with a photo of the team. I was so happy with the results AND I was able to quickly upload my address list to get fancy-schmancy addressed cards. While I would love to hand-write each card, my writing has gotten pretty shabby over the years. What fun it was to see the tweets and instagrams from our blogging friends as they received their cards.

Twitter Love

This was unexpected. The cards were sent out of pure thankfulness. See how it works? Gratitude spreads. Plus, it's just a great way to create holiday cheer. Don't wait to get something, instead GIVE! Even if you only send 10 business cards this year, believe me they matter.

say thanks

It's not too late! Why not thank someone who has been important to you with a New Year's card! Minted has an awesome New Years Card Collection. Right now it's so easy to get cards done and personalized with Minted.

1. Choose a unique design from an independent artist.
2. Customize and make the design yours.
3. They print & deliver.

minted stationery

A last note for those of you who fell behind this holiday. It's not too late to spread cheer to friends with a gift of stationery. At our holiday dinner the team each got this pretty personalized design. Metallics are so trendy right now. Yes, Christmas is over, but it's never too late to be thoughtful.

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