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Is Your Child Ready for a Phone


It seems like phones are a part of growing up. I've been asking: "Is my child ready for a phone?" and want to walk you through my process, demonstrate a little experiment and offer my best advice for getting your child a phone.

First, it's up to you to set rules. You've got to be the grown-up here. Model good behavior for your kids and be crystal clear about safety and your family rules. Let me start you off with the rules we set down.


Phone Rules:

No phones at the table
Phones don't go to bed--they charge at our kitchen charging station
One social media platform at a time. Our 11-year-old currently is into
Data must be used responsibly.
Mom & Dad must have access to all sign-ins and passwords to check for security
Never text or email something you would be embarrassed for your parents to see

What Parents Can Do

Here's my thinking. I abhor seeing families out at dinner and watching everyone stare at a phone. What's the point? My husband and I model appropriate behavior. We put our phones away and focus on family.

She's begging for Instagram, but we're making her wait until she is 13. After all, that’s what Instagram’s (and most other social media platforms) terms require for privacy reasons. We set age limits on many things, and social media is just one of them.

We also do periodic checks. I will ask for her phone and scan her text messages. If she expects me to check, she'll know to act smart with what she shares. Kids want us to be there to check up on them. 

Why Cricket Wireless is a Solution for Parents

Plans with no annual contracts, like the ones from Cricket Wireless are ideal. Cricket's simple smartphone plans are a great way to monitor data use and spending. This is a great way to teach your kids about budgets and responsibility.

If you are new to the cellphone game, Cricket Wireless is a great resource for parents. Did you know Cricket Wireless has prepared agreements for parents and kids to help you both be on the same page about phone use etiquette? You can download the Mobile Phone Pact here:

Cellphone Contract for Kids

And for high school kids, Cricket Wireless has another form here. 

Is My Child Ready for a Phone?

If the answer is yes, I have a great phone for you. My girls have been testing the LG Spree. It's a great size for younger kids, with a 4.5" display. It also has dual cameras so your kids can learn to start taking photos. LG has also included their signature features like KnockOn and Knock Code that help kids create a secure sign-in by tapping a personalized pattern anywhere on the screen. The Spree also has plus QuickMemo+ and Gesture Shot-- a feature that allows you to take a picture with a hand gesture using the front camera.

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And yes, thanks to the "play store" your kids can get all their favorite you can see with my 8-year-old tester!

LG spree game testing

The Spree is a great phone to start your kids off on, but if you want something with more features, you need to find out about the ZTE Grand X Max 2. It's a powerful Android phone that gives you exceptional entertainment, photography and productivity all in one. This phone with Cricket Wireless service is the perfect go-to phone for moms or high school kids. It takes sharp photos and videos and is perfect for watching videos on the go.

The phone has a rich, vivid display and a large 6" screen. When I streamed my Deezer playlist through it I was impressed with the sound quality (with Dolby™ Audio)--it sure made my workouts easier. Also makes taking notes and managing documents easier, and listening to tunes from your favorite artists on Deezer from Cricket is a joy.

Here are more details:

And we all know mom needs a great camera on her phone. I shot this with the Grand X Max 2 on my trip to Stratton.


Cricket Wireless also helps parents control costs. Plans now start at $30/month – check out Cricket’s plan option here:

Right now they have some great deals. Cricket Wireless lets you port multiple lines of service in one transaction (online only). And each line has its own data bucket. Adding multiple lines can give you some great savings each month too!This

Cricket Wireless phones

How it works: Simply visit to share a Cricket account with your friends or family and save on your mobile phone plans.

More savings: If you’re a new customer, you can order up to 5 lines of service in one transaction while continuing to use your current phone service until you’re ready to activate your Cricket service. Learn more here:

Win! One lucky winner will get a ZTE Grand X Max 2.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This is a sponsored blog post and I was compensated by Cricket Wireless. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Our LG ZTE Grand X Max 2 giveaway is managed by MomTrends and not affiliated with Cricket Wireless. MomTrends will select a winner at the end of the giveaway period.

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