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Mini Style Saturday: Interactive Fashions for Girls

When I was growing up, I used to spend hours doodling and "designing" outfits with my trusty colored pencils. I'm no artist, so somehow the fabulous visions that I had in my head didn't quite translate when I put them down on paper. Haha! If interactive fashion like the lovely leggings from Polkadot What had been around then, I would have eaten them up!

In fact, if they came up with a grown up option, I would be all over those too. Just sayin'. So, what are interactive leggings? At Polkadot What, little ladies are able to use their creativity to create their own custom pair of leggings with whatever colors or patterns strike their fancy.


The line was inspired by none other than one of my very favorite children's book characters Pippi Longstocking. I always gravitated to Pippi's self confidence and of one-of-a-kind style when I was a kiddo and I think it's amazing that later generations of girls continue to be inspired by her!

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Polkadot What aims to empower girls to create, build their self esteem and express themselves through fashion much like Pippi did with her signature mismatched socks. And they give 10% off their profits to The Lunchbox Fund which is dedicated to providing a daily meal to orphaned and impoverished school children in townships and rural areas of South Africa. For every pair of leggings created and sold, five meals are provided to children in need in South Africa. How great is that? It really is never too early to start teaching our daughters about the importance of giving back!


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