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Indoor Rock Climbing Challenge

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My daughter was climbing the walls last week.Yes, it was partially because school doesn't start in earnest until Sept. 10th (whatever NYC!). Mostly it was because I decided to channel her energy and take her to Brooklyn Boulders--the largest indoor rock climbing facility in NYC.

My eldest girl is an athlete. She loves to run, climb, swim, ski, etc. I embrace it all and am always looking for new ways to challenge her. My theory is that a strong, fit, capable girl will have far fewer body image issues when puberty rolls around. I also think girls who are busy with extracurricular activities have far less time to obsess about boys, clothes and landing a reality TV series. I might be grasping at straws here, but it helps me sleep at night with two girls in the pipeline to tweenhood.

As an end of summer treat, we carved out a special day. After a big breakfast we headed to Brooklyn Boulders and signed up for a two-hour private belay session with our guide Sarah. Sarah loaded us into our harnesses and then gave us a explanation of the equipment. The safety chat appeased me (throughout the session I always felt safe and that we were well cared for). Rather than a lot of watching and waiting, there was a ton of doing.

Though she's small for her age, my girl climbs like a monkey. She was soon scrambling up the first section. The guide gave suggestions but let my girl make most of the decisions-both good and bad. I was really impressed with her problem solving ability. She was smart enough to use her legs and balance to make up for what she lacked in reach.

Brooklyn Boulders, indoor rock climbing, momtrends, fitness, active playdates, brooklyn clmbing

Next up? Mom. I'm not a "sit and watch" kind of mom. I try to lead by example that fitness is fun. That means I clicked into a harness and made my way up the walls too. I've enjoyed the couple lessons I've taken over the years. I like the challenge of finding my next foothold or handgrip. Alternating climbs we got in more than a dozen climbs each. Here's what we held on to...

Brooklyn Boulders, indoor rock climbing, momtrends, fitness, active playdates, brooklyn clmbing

Mostly we worked with Sarah, but we also tried a few auto-belays. I could have opted to a fancy restaurant and shopping, but instead I showed my girl that women can bond over sport just as easily as they can over shoes.

When our arms were about to give out we looked at the wall and our time was up. It was a perfect way to end the summer: exhausted and proud of ourselves.

Brooklyn Boulders has competitive teams for kids and adults as well as after-school classes and camps. To keep things from getting boring, the gym resets each wall every two weeks on a rotating schedule.

Book a session online and get more information here http://www.brooklynboulders.com/about-us/prices

Momtrends was not paid for this post. In fact, we shelled over full-price for the lessons $160. And it was worth every penny.

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