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Improving Handwriting in Kids

writing tips for kids

We love our school. It's full of collaborative learning and teaching respect for ideas and independence. Coming from the Catholic school system of Maryland, I look at my daughters' school and am so jealous of the intellectual freedom they have. One thing I earned from my seven years with the nuns that my girls are missing is penmanship class.

I'm happy to tell you I got straight A's in penmanship. I loved cursive--the swirls of the letters and the elegant, fluid stroke. I was able to pick up speed with my writing. Seeing my thoughts turn into words on the page was amazing--handwriting helps foster creativity. It was powerful and a terrific way to learn. Better writers make better readers.

Nowadays, schools don't have much time for penmanship. For many parents writing is something that is taught at home. The good news is it's a lot more fun that times tables or learning irregular verbs. Writing can be a really fun project.

I have to convince my daughter of this. She's a reluctant writer and her handwriting is not a strong point. She prefers to type, we're working on it. I believe writing can improve critical thinking skills and boost self-confidence.

TIP: This summer, I've been encouraging my tween to journal.With every camp or trip or excursion we take, I ask her to jot down her thoughts at the end of the day. She's getting vital practice with her writing and it feels like play, not work. I've officially joined the mission to save handwriting.

Right before squash camp we got a great "Fight for Your Write" gift pack from BIC. Our package included BIC® Mechanical Pencils. These pencils were my favorite in high school--yep, I used them on my SATs--they have been helping kids reach their potential for over 30 years.

BIC handwriting tips
practicing handwriting

To help BIC celebrate 30 years of success, we sat down to set goals for camp. I wanted her hone her skills on the court and prep for a great school year. The challenge: write out goals for camp and then keep a daily journal while away. The theory: when kids write, things click!

TIP: For grade school kids, try fill in the blank stories or alternating sentences with your kids. You start with a sentence prompt and then let them write the next line.

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TIP: For tweens who love music and books have them start a quote book full of lyrics and words that inspire. When I saw this quote at squash camp, I asked my daughter to add it to her journal.

BIC writign wisdom

Kids who write also make attentive readers. They put more stock in word choice and sentence structure--they see books as artistry--crafted word by word.

To learn more about the mission head to and follow #BICFightForYourWrite on social media.

Here are a few of our favorite writing supplies:

BIC cool pens for kids
colorful writing supplies

BIC Mechanical Pencils: Xtra-Strong these have break-resistant leads and are perfect for beginners.
BIC Mechanical Pencils: Xtra-Shine have a shiny, light-reflecting design
BIC Mechanical Pencils: Xtra-Sparkle a favorite of my girls come in sparkly, fun designs
BIC Mechanical Pencils: Xtra-Life smooth writing, lead erases cleanly perfect for homework
BIC Mechanical Pencils: Xtra-Precision gives a precise, sharp and clean lines ideal for graphing and design
BIC Mechanical Pencils: Xtra-Comfort the comfortable soft grip is wonderful for little hands.

Join the BIC Fight For Your Write mission to save handwriting by writing with BIC Mechanical Pencils! Visit and sign the pledge to save handwriting, then share the badge to tell your friends to do the same to support the cause! For each signature, BIC will donate one pen or pencil to Adopt A Classroom.


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