iCandy Strollers Bring Style to Modern Moms

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The iCandy apple- is one delicious find. Developed by a British family, these strollers are the hottest thing to cross the pond. Here at Momtrends we love versatility. The stylish iCandy apple ($449) system is available as a four wheel stroller and can be used with car seats and can be upgraded to a double stroller when the time comes with the Pear Conversion Kit.

Are you one of the moms who want it all? Who can blame you. Why not opt to make life simpler, moms on the go can handle a carrier car seat (sold separately) and then become a a double stroller.

What are moms saying about iCandy? "It was like going from a Honda to a Mercedes"--that's what one mom who switched from another popular brand to an iCandy said. Pneumatic tires (they require a pump) deliver and exceptional ride. What else will moms love? The roomy shopping basket, the extendable handle bar, one-hand fold, and did we mention the ride?

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Now that we've got the functions covered, let's talk fashion. iCandy is all about flair. While you can opt for sleek monotone, we say add color! There are five delicious flavours; blackcurrant, redcurrant, grape, imperial and mandarin. Pick a hood, parasol, footmuffs and fleece core seat and make the stroller your own.

Look for iCandy at a dealer near you.

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