Ian Ziering on Blogging, Bedwetting, Family Bonding, and More


Ian Ziering is a lot of things—an actor, a former teen heartthrob, a would-be apprentice, an amateur dancer, a husband, a father, and now a blogger too. He and his wife recently launched an online lifestyle destination and resource for parents, where they blog about everything from crafts to recipes to real-life anecdotes about their young kids and even revelations about their own childhoods. In fact, Ian has been extremely open about one of the most personal experiences of his youth: bedwetting—and how this helped him as now ad a dad himself. We recently chatted with the Sharknado star about life at home with the Zierings…

Photo via At Home With the Zierings

Photo via At Home With the Zierings

What has your family been doing together this summer to bond? What’s been the most exciting part of the season?
Well we do have travel plans, but what I'm most excited about is my new blog that my wife and I started called "At Home With the Zierings." It gives us a chance to show our favorite foods, the crafts that my wife does for the kids, and all of our family adventures.

What do you do with your family do to stay active and keep a healthy lifestyle?
We try to eat very health consciously. We try to maintain an organic household—although some junk food sneaks in—mostly in my bag. We do everything we can to nurture [our children,] provide an education, and make it fun at the same time. We try to challenge them educationally and creatively.

Check out Ian's adorable daughters at their Sharknado premiere party. Photo via At Home With the Zierings

Check out Ian's adorable daughters at their Sharknado premiere party. Photo via At Home With the Zierings

Summer can be challenging for parents. With the premiere of Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens earlier this summer and other projects, you have a lot of work lined up, I assume. What are your tips for parents to find balance and keep sane over the summer.
I think the most important thing to do is be present—to be engaged with your family. In this day and age, between TV [and everything else], it's so easy to be distracted. You just have to be present and know your time with the kids is fleeting. These are moments you'll never get to live through again. They're only kids for a short amount of time.

What are your fondest childhood memories from summer?
Oh my Gosh, summer camp! Summer camp was probably my favorite childhood memory.

Do you have any not-so-great childhood memories from summer?
My worst childhood memory was wetting the bed. I remember I was either four or five years old. It was at a difficult time... But I remember scrambling at night to change the sheets. As a matter of fact, that is something I am currently dealing with in my own household. My little three year old is a bit of a bedwetter. That's something most of us go through at some point or another. For me, It was tough because I would go to bed worried thinking, "Oh Gosh, I hope I don't wet the bed." And if I did, I wouldn’t get a good night’s sleep. With [our daughter], we’ve tried to find ways she will not have to deal with that. We use GoodNites so that she will sleep comfortably. She doesn't even know if she’s done it! She wakes up confident and goes about her day. It inspires confidence—which allows her to be more independent. These are our values and the virtues we try to foster.That's been a great tool—I wish I had when I was young.

Are these the type of lifestyle things you're excited to talk about on your blog? It sounds as if your wife is very much into pinterest , very crafty, and that you're sharing your everyday parenting experiences...
Absolutely, I’m passionate about my family. They're my "why" for everything. When I was young, I was motivated by glory. As I become older, I became more focused on accomplishments—and now I’m motivated by them. Everything I do is for my family—to help maintain the lifestyle we're accustomed to and to make the world a better place for our future.

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