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Hydration at the Beach

pedialyte  at the beach hydration

Beach visits make me happy. They are one of the best parts of summer. Since I'm not much of one to just hang out on the towel and bake myself, I often combine being active with being at the beach.

quogue club

On a recent visit to Quogue in the Hamptons, we stayed at a lovely little resort and my husband and I did a lot of bike rides to the beach. It was a rare weekend without the kids--they were off at camp. We wanted to make the most of our time together.

cycling to quogue beach

Normally we have to take turns riding--the other parent watched the kids. Lucky us, we got to ride together at one of the prettiest spots in the world. To prep for the ride, (we did a 20-miler) I got all my gear ready, including the Pedialyte Powder Packs. I pre-mixed one and then brought an extra along for my husband. It's simple, mix one powder pack with 16fl oz of water.

fill 'er up

I'm prepping the strawberry lemonade--the packs were made specifically with adults in mind to prevent dehydration.

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Other bike prep tips:
Bring a spare inner-tube and pump
Apply sunscreen (especially on the backs of arms)
Make sure your helmet fits well
Plan your route and bring some cash and ID just in case you have a problem.
Stay hydrated!

Bike gear

Our stay had temps in the 80s--so staying hydrated was really important. Especially when cycling and working up a sweat. The wind tends to dry the sweat and make me forget how hard I'm working and how much liquid I'm losing. I prepped my water bottle with Pedialyte Powder Packs. Pedialyte has been the #1 pediatrician recommended oral electrolyte solution and has half the sugar and 2x the sodium of other traditionally recommended drinks.

When the temps soar, I don't want to be stuck inside. Did you know Pedialyte is as effective as an IV in cases of mild to moderate dehydration! We rode all over Quogue and stopped at the beach for a swim. Pedialyte Powder Packs are a great thing to bring along to the beach or on a bike ride. They're small and easy to mix. All you need is a water bottle like this one or tap water and a refillable bottle.

pedialyte on the go

I know we all think of Pedialyte for the kiddos when they are sick, but don't forget to take care of yourself this summer too. Plan some fun, beachy excursions. As long as you keep an eye on hydration, you're going to have a great time and don't have to slow down, once the temperatures soar.

Try the new Pedialyte Powder Pack flavors – strawberry lemonade and orange on your next summer hike.

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