Hurricane Sandy Video

Nicole with Sandy Watermark

We're taking a break from fashion coverage to share a bit of hurricane video from NYC. This is a look at what my neighborhood is going through. When we heard about Hurricane Sandy coming, we were in Nashville for my college reunion. We decided to drive home (all the flights were cancelled or delayed) to try to beat the hurricane.

Hurricane Sandy Video

Pictures and videos really tell the story of what happened. Take a look:

The line above was how high the water came into Brooklyn. My heart goes out to the small businesses as they recover and the families that are displaced or out of power. As for us, we are fine.

And once again, I'm impressed with the spirit of New Yorkers to move forward to keep style. If you live in NYC, be sure to visit the NYC emergency prep page to find out what you need to be ready for.

carosel still standing

This Hurricane Sandy Video was not paid. We encourage everyone to have a go back and to find out more about what you need in case of a natural disaster.

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