Huggies Designer Wipes Tubs


Little things can ruin the entire look of your home. I know you. You've spent hours and hours pinning nursery images from pinterest to design the dream room for your baby. You shopped and shopped for the just-right stroller that reflects your "look" you refused to wear schlumpy maternity clothes. I get you, I do.

When it comes to your diaper bag, I bet it's cute. Most likely I couldn't even tell it's not a chic designer bag. Chic mom, you need to know about refillable. Huggies Designer Wipes Tubs. The Designer Tubs ($2.37) have been awarded as a 2014 Product of the Year by Parade Magazine. They're that cool!

Tuck one in your diaper bag, leave one out in the living room, display one in the nursery--they look great everywhere. And, yes, the wipes work perfectly thanks to the triple clean layers. They are soft, hypoallergenic, fragrance free and alcohol-free. HUGGIES Natural Care® Wipes offer a sensitive, gentle clean for new baby’s yummy skin. Form and function colliding perfectly.

I think these tubs are the perfect solution for trendy moms. And there's more good news, there will be new graphic designs this summer to continue to provide effective, convenient and stylish products to meet parents’ needs. Find out more about the innovative new designs here,

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