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How to Wear Slouchy Knits

If I had to tell you what my favorite fall/winter uniform was, it would definitely involve slouchy knits. When the weather cools down, all I want to be is cozy-comfy and a slouchy sweater is definitely my go-to piece. It's still nice and warm here in Tampa, but I've already invested in a few slouchy knit pieces, so I'll be ready to rock and roll when the temps dip!

There are a slew of ways that you can style slouchy knits, but my old standby outfit has always been an oversized sweater, leggings and boots. Back in the day, I typically turned to riding boots, but in the last few years, moto boots, booties and even flats have made it into the rotation. If you only invest in a few pieces this fall, I urge you to pick up a great pair of boots, a quality pair of leggings guessed it...a slouchy knit piece.

Lightweight Knits

Lightweight Knits by kristinleigh featuring slim jeans

American Eagle Outfitters over sized sweater / H&M slim jeans, $16 / Gap leopard print flat / La Mer analog watch

As far at the boots go,it doesn't matter what style. Booties and moto boots are hot this season and riding boots are a classic that never go out of style. Whatever style of boots you choose, you just want to make sure they're comfortable...because this look is all about comfy-chic.

When you're looking at leggings, get the best pair you can. When leggings are too chintzy, they can get shiny in places that are stretching and, I don't know about you, but I don't want it to look my thighs are about to make my leggings explode. Haha! You can always steer clear of leggings, if you prefer, and rock skinnies.

Sporty Slouch
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Sporty Slouch by kristinleigh featuring a sport watch

Victoria's Secret PINK drapey top / Topshop black pants / Lucky Brand black boots / Ice-Watch sport watch

When it comes to slouchy knits, I like to have a few different options in various neutral hues. I'm all about jewel tones, but for some reason when we're talking about my cold weather uni, I tend to gravitate to neutrals. I also like to have sweaters in a variety of weights. It can be seventy degrees one day in Florida and forty the next, so having light weight and heavier pieces just makes sense. In my closet, you'll find heavy cable knits, next to breezier knits that fall of the shoulder more often than night. I'll never get over the Flashdance look...but I digress.

Slouchy Knits and Skinnies

Slouchy Knits and Skinnies by kristinleigh featuring brown high heel boots

Warehouse pink sweater, $67 / H&M short pants, $16 / Rag & Bone brown high heel boots / Jenny Bird ring

How do you like to wear slouchy knits lovelies?

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