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How to Wear a Cape


It's time to dig out that cape coat you have buried in your closet...and if you don't have one, it's a fabulous fall 2013 fashion trend to invest in! Capes were ALL over the fall runways. I picked one up a couple seasons ago and I can't wait to bust it out again. Hopefully it cools down here in Tampa sooner rather than later. That's probably wishful thinking as it's usually sweltering until October. Haha!

Even though it might be a while before a coat is appropriate for the weather here, that isn't stopping me from some serious fall wardrobe planning! And a cape coat is definitely on my fall must haves list. I do believe I may have to pick up another cape to join my mid length beauty. They're just so gorgeous and very versatile...Plus, different lengths produce very different looks.

Crazy for Capes

Crazy for Capes by kristinleigh featuring burberry

Crazy for Capes Part Deux

Crazy for Capes Part Deux by kristinleigh featuring j.crew necklace

A short cape, for instance, would look darling over skinnies and riding boots. Add a striped tee to the mix and you'll have an oh so chic and comfy fall look. A mid length cape, on the other hand, would look amazing paired with an elegant cocktail dress, statement necklace and smokin' hot heels. A look like that is begging you to grab your honey and head out for a dressed up date night. And for major impact, a full length cape could be rocked with the gown of your choosing.

We all have gowns on hand right? Haha! I really need to be invited to more occasions that require gown wearing. I'm having deja vu. I do believe I've said that before. Just sayin'. Clearly I need a red carpet moment in my life. Dare to dream right? Seeing as it's unlikely that this mama is going to throw on an evening gown anytime soon, I'll stick to styling the short and mid length capes. Cool?

So, are you looking forward to rockin' a cape this fall lovelies? Which length appeals to you?

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