How to Tie a Head Scarf


One of the hottest looks from the Marc JacobsSpring 2013 Runway was the head scarf look. An effortless and clean look, we love how it can be paired for casual outings with the kids as well as a glamours look on the town. But the question is, do you know how to tie a head scarf?

Don't worry, most people don't. This look is the stuff of magazines - were some in-the-know editor knows how to perfectly wrap it up. For mere scarf mortals, it's not so easy. Let's break it down, step by step so we can craet this look on our own.

Here is how to get this look in just six easy steps!


How to Tie a Head Scarf

STEP 1: Start with your Theodora & CallumGauze Scarf
STEP 2: Hold the scarf horizontally and fold in 2 inch sections elongating the scarf
STEP 3: Gather the scarf at the nape of your neck pulling the scarf upwards towards the front of your head
STEP 4: Cross both ends of the scarf over one another meeting at the middle.
STEP 5: Continue to wrap around you head.
STEP 6: Secure by tying the scarf in a knot at the nape of your neck and - VOILA!

Now let me know, are you ready to try this look? It's bold way to style your hair right before it gets colored or if you have dirty hair (of course you can try our favorite dry shampoo) you can hide it under this head scarf.

And we have LOADS more scarf videos, be sure to check out this one.

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