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Organize Your Closet and Curate Your Wardrobe

navy and black pairing

"Sherri never thought to combine black with navy, but they go perfectly together like peanut butter and chocolate. It’s a rich combo that compliments one another well." Sage sartorial advice from the one and only Lindsay Brooke Weiss, a NYC-based stylist and the founder of a "closet and wardrobe editing" service. She recently ransacked the closet of Momtrends' own Sherri Schubert to help her organize, consolidate, curate, and accessorize. Lindsay has developed a unique multi-step styling system that shifts the focus away from superfluous shopping and, instead, zones in on reinventing her clients' existing pieces. Interested in learning more? Lindsay is sharing how you can do this for yourself at home! Read on for her tips, tricks, and inspiration.

How to Curate Your Closet

When it comes to working in a client's closet, especially a new one, it's like unwrapping a mystery gift. I never know what I'm going to get... which is what I love! It's fun finding pieces somebody may have previously discarded and also uncovering some hidden gems. I recently had the privilege of getting to edit Momtrends Events Director, Sherri Schubert's closet in lower Manhattan, and boy did we have fun! You may ask, "how did I get started in this business?" Well, I was the former Fashion and Accessories Editor of various publications and, hands down, my strong suit and passion was styling the covers and editorial stories inside each magazine. I took my skills to the street and started styling models, look-books for brands as well as women (and men!) who reside in New York City, New Jersey and Westchester. There's something cathartic about editing and redoing a closet as well as empowering—few things make me happier than when my clients have labeled looks and can easily get dressed in the morning or for a night out. Here are some steps I go through to edit a client's closet:

closet organization

Purging: This is extremely important. You should start with a clean base that consists of only what you wear. This may entail lots of trying on, but it's worth it in the end!

Switching Hangers: It's important to maximize your closet, especially the Manhattan kind. Switch all of your hangers to the velvet variation that are thin and won't leave marks on the shoulders of your blouses or sweaters.

Organizing By Style: The next step is to group all of the jackets together, long sleeve shirts, button downs, you get the idea. Grouping by category keeps everything separated in its own way and organized.

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Organizing By Color: Once everything's grouped I then create subgroups by color. This makes a closet visually appealing and easy to find what you're looking for.

closet labels

Labeling: One of the last steps is labeling each hanger. This shows my client what gets paired with what, down to their jewelry and accessories.


Filling In: As I go through a client's closet I make a list of what needs to be supplemented. Sometimes it's that perfect basic white tissue tank that's missing from a wardrobe or a pair of slouch boyfriend jeans that can be pegged. Whatever it is, I've got you covered! I shop for my clients and/or send them links of what they should purchase. I'm a firm believer in high/low when it comes to dressing, so whatever the budget is that somebody has in mind, I adhere to it. In Sherri's case, I sent her a detailed list of what to buy to complete the looks in her closet, based on comfort. One of our favorite finds are these dressy flats in rose gold that can go from day to night. J.Crew makes the best tissue-tees which come in v-neck, scoop neck and the tank variety. Of course everybody needs a military jacket. H&M's is inexpensive and more than does the trick. I love it paired with white skinny jeans, shorts or even over an evening gown. It's a fun juxtaposition!

Something I preach to my clients that if they don't wear something, give it away. Your closet should only consist of what you actually wear. Don't be afraid to give stuff away so that you will actually be able to see what's in your closet. Simple, sleek and streamlined is my mantra!

You can contact Lindsay regarding her styling services at

This is not a sponsored post. A team member received a styling session from Lindsay to review.

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