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Hot Trends in Outerwear: The Perfect Puffer Coat

Lands' End Outerwear

Be cold or be fashionable. Why does it have to be a one or the other? I've made the mistake of buying big black down coats in seasons past to survive the brutal winter. Sure, they serve a purpose, but each time I put those coats on, my style sense takes a beating.

This year I'm doing things differently because I've got Lands' End on my side. With the predicted harsh winter forecast, I can't run to Florida to avoid what's coming. I'm staying in New York and I'm going to face the snow in style.

Lands End Printed Outerwear

Available in bright colors and timely patterns, this Lands’ End’s Lightweight Down coat is a gem. Thanks to 600 fill power, this coat allows for the perfect amount of warmth without weight. The jacket is a key solution for the winter problem. I'll probably wear it 60+ times this winter making it a very smart investment. When it comes to style there's more good news: I love the print and the slim silhouette. This year I get to have what I want. Form and function. The belt nips in the waist so I don't look like a giant marshmallow. And the hood can tuck into the collar when the wind isn't howling.
It's not just moms who need great outerwear. We all know there are few things worse than a cold, grumbling child. Let's talk kids (I borrowed these adorable boys for the photo shoot!). You've got to get them outside EVEN WHEN IT"S COLD.

Kids Outerwear Lands End

Moms want coats that will last (these do). Kids want to be able to move (see the evidence in the photos shot on the Brooklyn Bridge)

Winter Coats for Kids

The green coat is the Boys' Squall Jacket it's a bulk-free coat. Yep, it'll keep the kids dry on the haul to school or when sledding thanks to the ultra-durable, waterproof nylon shell.

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The black coat is the Parka it's also waterproof and can stand up to even the most vigorous play--guaranteed. Lands' End stands on their reputation. These coats will be handed down, making moms across the land very, very happy.

momtrends approved features

Since kids aren't the only ones who are active, here's the coat for you if you want to get out there and play in the snow: the classic Women's Down Jacket.

puffers on the slopes

SKI MOM TIP: Pick a bright jacket like this bright green one so your kids can spot you on the mountain!

I tested the cold weather performance on a recent trip to Copper Mountain in Colorado. We got 26" of snow in three days! It was a winter miracle. To enjoy the powdery conditions, I layered this puffer under a waterproof shell. Then when the snow stopped, I stripped down a layer and was so comfortable in this light jacket.

If mobility is a thing--and it is for me--you'll love the design. I was able to move all over the mountain. I can't blame the coat on restricting me--only my own weaknesses as a skier was my liability.

Lands' End is based in Wisconsin. They know a thing or two about functional outerwear that delivers on warmth.Why not skip the outerwear that make you feel frumpy and the kids feel confined. Step it up this year and get outdoors and enjoy winter!

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine. Photos by shot on the Brooklyn Bridge. The ski photos all rights reserved for Momtrends, LLC.

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