Tips To Create a Sleeker and Smarter Home

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Are you looking to update your home? We recently learned some tips from home design expert, Genevieve Gorder about to how to create a cool and sleek home. Check out her simple steps to transform your home this summer.

Tips To Create a Sleeker, Smarter Home

1. BLUETOOTH HOME AUDIO: This is one of my favorite advancements in a while. With so many new competitors on the market the home audio arena just got really exciting. Explore all of your options for product in Bluetooth audio and eliminate the unattractive ceiling and wall speakers that we’ve been trying to hide for decades. These smaller but more advanced speaker options in this category are easy to place on a bookshelf unnoticed, in a corner or shelf without a second glance. And every zone of your home can have different music playing at the same time from one place…your smartphone. Just, don’t lose your phone.

2. TEMPERATURE & LIGHT: How beautiful is it that we can now have our home get itself ready for us?! With a touch of a finger it is now possible to turn on our AC/Heat and lighting as we’re driving home. There is no more “I have to leave the AC on all day because I don’t want to come home to a hot house” or “I have to leave this light on in the hallway because I hate coming home to a totally dark house”. Save on your energy bills and use Wi-Fi controlled thermostats and switches. Not only will you live a more cost efficient lifestyle, it will be taking care of you at the same time.

3. GOING SOLAR: The more technology we bring into our home, the more we must consider a smart, sleek way to power it all. For so long going solar has been an idea that felt right but very expensive to initiate. And now, there is Sunrun – a solar service company that will not only install but manage the panels on your roof for 20 years with little or no money down. Genius.

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