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Honestbaby.com is a non-judgmental community where parents can share their triumphs and misadventures and admit that they're just giving it their best shot. There's shopping, blogs, news and lots places for moms to make thier voices heard. During the month of April, honestbaby.com will feature articles on having an organic family lifestyle and tips for being a proactive eco-friendly parent.

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"I got yelled at today by a mother on the car pool line for leaving my car running, I felt awful and after doing research learned how much damage that does to the environment. I guess she's right but I had no idea!" This is an honestbaby posting by Sarah, 37. We all want to do the right thing and honestbaby is a site that offers a help. I caught up with the founder, Jill Besnoy, to get her take on the green movement.

Where do you live?

In Demarest, New Jersey. (Yes, we love New Jersey'?¦)

Tell me about your family?

We moved to the suburbs from New York City about two years ago and haven'??t looked back. I have two energetic boys (7 and 4) who keep me laughing and a husband who has a lot of patience.
What do you think it means to be a green mom?

To me, a green mom is someone who cares about the environment and more importantly, tries to instill that in her children. It'??s about making the effort to be green in your every day family life. I try my best to be a green mom. Some days I'??m better than others.

What makes you optimistic about the future?

There is such a big push right now to think about the earth first. I feel that this generation is so much more in touch with saving the environment. It can only get better.

Green pet peeve?

When people needlessly idle their engines while waiting on the carpool line at school. (editor's note: NYC just passed a law against this with fines up to $2000; read more here)

Small trick to save the planet?

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Plant your own garden. We grew tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, squash and corn. The kids loved it and we ate everything we grew. This year we plan to be a bit more ambitious and grow pumpkins.

Check out the site and if you need to vent, don't miss the "Attack of the Week" where frustrated moms let off some steam.

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