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Holiday Diet Tips for Moms

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We want you to survive the holidays without damaging your waistline. Fact: The holidays are a time for enjoying friends and family which often involves eating out. Fact: The more this happens, the more pounds you'll pack on if you don't have a plan. We've teamed up with Dr. Wayne Andersen, bestselling author of '??Dr. A'??s Habits of Health'? to help:

Choose Before Booze: Typically, the first thing a waiter or waitress will do is ask you if you would like something to drink and after a busy day, a cocktail or a glass of wine seems like the perfect way to relax. But after just one drink, the inhibitory neurons in our brain start to shut off. Suddenly the 2,400-calories Bloomin'?? Onion seems like a good idea! Instead of a cocktail, enjoy sparking water with lime or a splash of cranberry while you wait for your meal or if you decide to go with a cocktail, remember to order your food before you drink!

Stick to Your Pick: If you know where you will be eating out, call in advance and ask the restaurant to either fax or email their menu to you. These days, you might even find the menu on the Internet. Decide on a healthy dish and stick to it. Also, if you get a say in the matter, choose a restaurant that serves healthy dishes. Stay away from the all-you-can-eat buffets.

Pack a Snack: If your dinner reservation will take you past a three hour time period without eating, then have a low calorie snack, like an apple a banana or a low cal energy bar, before you go out. This will keep the appetite down while you wait for your table and will keep you from indulging in high-carb options like bread (my weakness) while you wait for your food to arrive.

Pan the Sauce: Stay away from cream sauces and soups, butter, oil, au gratin, breaded, Alfredo sauce, gravy and anything battered or fried. Blackened entrees are usually dipped in butter or oil, covered with spices and then pan fried. And repeat after me, "I'd like my dressing on the side."

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Seal Your Own Meal: Never be afraid to take charge of your own meal. Choose lean cuts of meat such as loin and flank. If you'??re having chicken, white meat contains less fat--take off the skin too. Ask for meat, fish, or poultry to be prepared with minimal oil and butter or prepared '??light'?. Remember that the best preparation for your meal is baked, broiled, grilled, poached or steamed.

Eating out should be fun. Have a plan and try to get in some extra workouts to offset any binges. For more information about Dr. Wayne Andersen, visit 

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