Holiday Cleanup with Huggies

baking colonial bread

It's kind of hysterical really. I am the world's least-inspired baker, yet time and again over the holidays I'm called upon to muster my mediocre (at best) skills.

Baking is so precise...and messy. But when you've got kids you have to embrace a cooking challenge and the mess. This week my daughter had a colonial fair at school. Her apprenticeship was as a baker at the Maddash Bakery. The colonial dress was easy ( had them on prime delivery). My enthusiastic student wanted to take it a step farther, so we used to look up a colonial bread recipe (no yeast) and gathered "ye olde baking supplies."

Clean up with huggies

We mixed with fervor. Flour was flying. But I had a secret weapon on hand–Huggies Natural Care® Wipes in Designer Tubs. The Designer Tubs stylish packaging are perfect for any room of the house, even in the kitchen! We cleaned little hands after kneading the dough and we used them to wipe all the flour and brown sugar off the counter.

Messy counters make me bananas. A squick swipe of the counter and I was happy. The bread took an hour to bake, cleanup just took a few minutes.

And here's the finished project. The bakery was a huge hit and the bread looked truly authentic. Lesson learned--it's always worth putting in the extra effort.

maddash bakery
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