Hello Kitty Car Road Test

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One lucky little girl got to participate in the Hello Kitty Car road test. This is the very first Hello Kitty ride-on car that looks exactly like the beloved (and iconic) cat character. Let me tell you, we turned some heads in my neighborhood.

Check out the car as we hit the sidewalks of Brooklyn:

How It Works

There's very little assembly required, but here's the big thing you want to give the Hello Kitty ride-on car a good, long charge. You want to plug this in overnight (try for 12 hours) before the first use. I know it'll be hard to wait, but you'll get the best performance. Once charged, the car should last up to an hour.

The car runs at 2.5 mph --plenty fast to be exciting while also being safe. On our test the car handled beautifully. Push the "gas" pedal and go. It appears to be easy to steer and was pretty quiet. The car handles turns like a dream and managed a few good inclines. It's road tested and ready to go.

hello kitty tunes

Hello Kitty Car Features

Light-up bow: Not only does it light up, but it flashes neon pink!
MP3: Hook up your phone or MP3 player to the car and hear tunes through the speakers.
Horn: yep, it actually works. Honk away to let everyone know you are headed their way in style.

And there's also comfort and safety features like safety straps and a comfy seat. I have to admit, it took all of my self control to NOT jam myself in this car and give it a spin. The kids that get these cars are going to be thrilled. This car is perfection for kids ages 3 and over.

NOTE: Have your child wear a helmet when behind the wheel. You can use your own or get the matching Hello Kitty Helmet at www.toysrus.com.

Order yours online here www.toysrus.com. The Hello Kitty car retails for $229.99.

hello kitty car

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