Heinz Makes Balsamic Ketchup


Heinz Makes Balsamic Ketchup: We love trying new food trends and this is a fun twist on a favorite.

Remember the days when ketchup was just ketchup, and the only variation was when someone decided to spell it "catsup." With more and more people craving more complex flavors, even an iconic brand like Heinz has started tinkering with it's tried and true condiment.

After launching a limited run last fall for Facebook fans, Heinz has made the decision to add Balsamic Ketchup to its specialty ketchup lineup--which now includes Organic, Simply Heinz, No-Salt Added, Hot & Spicy, and Reduced Sugar varieties.

So, what exactly is Balsamic Ketchup? They've basically switched out white vinegar for Balsamic vinegar--creating a ketchup with a slightly darker hue and a somewhat richer, tangier flavor.

When my kids tasted the "fancy ketchup" (their words, not mine) by itself they didn't really notice a difference, but when I gave them Balsamic and regular ketchups side-by-side they said the Balsamic "tasted like it has syrup in it" (three-year-old) and "is nicer than the regular when I eat it with mustard."

Pretty much, the new flavor tastes very much like the original flavor with a slightly more savory flavor and a swanky looking glass bottle. It's just as kid-friendly and will work just as well on hamburger, hot dog or fries and isn't different enough that you have to have two separate bottles of ketchup in the fridge...until your picky eaters get old enough to decode the word 'balsamic'.

Momtrends was not paid for this post. We were given samples.

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