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Favorite Halloween Costumes

Spoiler alert. We're revealing our Halloween picks from Chasing Fireflies to inspire you to get shopping. With four weeks to go until the big day, I want to make sure you select and ship with plenty of time to enjoy.

Halloween is one of the few times I post pictures of our girls--the masks help keep their identities private (please note, we found the masks at Ricky's in NYC). About a month ago the girls STUDIED the Chasing Fireflies catalogs to pick out the perfect costumes and I think they succeeded.

First we have a shocking departure from form for my older girl. She's been into low-key fashion this year. I struggle getting her to wear anything but shorts to school. Low and behold, she opts for old Hollywood glam with this "Movie Star" outfit. The 2-piece outfit includes the sequin dress and stole. We added the silver star shoes ($19.50) and gloves ($14.50) she added the trophy to make it look like she is at an award show.

halloween with Chasing Fireflies

Then there is our "Wicked Princess" ($98.50) she's decked out in this sweeping gown with very dramatic sleeves. We added the Twilight clip-on earrings ($14) for a bit more bling. I think she's had this costume on every day for 2 weeks--I'm getting good use out of this investment.

And our dress-up bins will grow after Halloween. We don't believe in wearing them just for the 31st. Every day is a chance to live in an imaginary world at our house. You can find hundreds of ideas at www.chasing-fireflies.com

We were not paid for this post. We did get a certificate to shop.

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