Happy Blankie

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It'??s called the world'??s best blanket that warms the heart - the Happy Blankie. The story behind the creation of this adorable and cuddly blanket is as loving and touching as the blanket.

In 2008 a seven-year old boy named David Holdridge had a really good idea. He wanted to combine his little sister'??s two favorite things '?? stuffed animals and blankies - to create something that would make the whole world smile. And thus, we have the Happy Blankie.

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We discovered the Happy Blankie at a luxury baby show when the vendor gave my 5-year- old daughter the Frog (Stomp) small blankie. Needless to say, the blankie is a huge hit. It sleeps with her every night, travels with her in handbags, serves as a tablecloth for tea parties and when not in use, my 2-year-old son snags it for a cuddle.

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The blanket is so irresistible that I even find myself holding it during story time. The soft polyester/silk fabric and infectious smiling animal makes it hard to resist.

The One to Love, One to Give mission is the core philosophy of Happy Blankie. For every blankie they sell, they give away a blankie to a child in need and kids get to choose where they want it to go (how great is that!).

The collection includes smiling animals like Chase the dog, Giggle the Pig, Tumble the Bear, and Stomp the Frog (our favorite).

Sizes range from Small (18'? X 18'?), Medium (36'? X 40'?) and Large (48'? X 56'?) and prices follow accordingly -$32 to $128 depending on the size. Free shipping on orders $100 or more.

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