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Well folks, its back-to-school time and that means it's time for hand sanitizing with CleanWell. Although I am thrilled my son is now in Pre-K, I am not happy about the amount of germs he will soon come in contact with over the next several months. I remember when he first started pre-school and the amount of times he was sick over the course of that year. But the one thing I found that helped us was CleanWell Hand Sanitizers.

CleanWell all natural hand sanitizing sprays and 10-count pocket wipes kill germs naturally without the use of harmful chemicals. While many schools have banned alcohol-based hand sanitizers due to accidental or intentional ingestion by their students, these conveniently sized CleanWell sanitizers are the perfect alcohol free alternative. They are gentle on sensitive skin, safe for kids, won't sting cuts and leave skin feeling soft. CleanWell is so safe I even use it on my 14-month-old and have been for quite some time. It is a product me and my kids can feel good about.

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CleanWell proudly contains a patented formulation of natural thyme, an effective alternative that kills germs. CleanWell's natural technology can be found in its hand sanitizers and antibacterial hand soaps, which come in a variety of sizes and scents. Scents include orange vanilla, lavender, ginger bergamot, spearmint lime, and original. These little life-savers are perfect for any lunchbox, desk or locker.

I love the fact that CleanWell products come in pocket sized sprays, wipes, desktop bottles, and easy to use foams. Keep germs away and spend more time at play this school year!

CleanWell products can be purchased on www.cleanwelltoday.com

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