Halloween-Inspired Lunch Ideas


We love decking the house for Halloween, but for even more Halloween spirit, add a little frightening fun to your kid's lunch box with these eerie ideas. Not crafty? No worry. Scroll down to see our no-skill needed ideas.

Who can resist eating their fruits and veggies when they are presented like this? I mean, that FrankenKiwi? Love that.

Halloween Lunch Ideas

Banana Ghosts & Clementine Pumpkins | FrankenKiwi | Mummy Fruit | Monster Mouths & Carrot Fingers | Grape Spider | Jack O Lantern Fruit Cups

To satisfy a monster appetite, fill your kid's lunch with one of these eerie entrees. Even better, have them help you the night before to make them.

Halloween Lunch Ideas 2

Mummy Pizza | Spider Eggs | Mummy On A Stick | Mummy Dog | String Cheese Brooms | Monster Sandwich

If craftiness is your not strength, try one of these no-skill needed Halloween lunch ideas that only require a Sharpie. Zero crafting skill needed, but still all the haunted fun.

Halloween Lunch Ideas 3

String cheese ghost | Pumpkin Fruit Cups | Pumpkin Clementine

Here's to happy Halloween lunches this month!

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