Chasing Fireflies: Halloween Dress Up for Girls

chasing fireflies halloween

Chasing Fireflies has the amazing costumes for girls who love dress up. Imaginary play is HUGE in our house. In our world having costumes isn't relegated to trick-or-treat it's 365. Investing in gorgeous high-quality costumes from Chasing Fireflies pays off in spades.

First, as a busy working mom is assuages my guilt. I don't have the time nor do I have the inclination to plan and sew a Grecian gown. Thank goodness I can just pop on and make Halloween dreams come true. Here's the thing, sometimes money CAN buy you happiness. Working moms and dads, can I here a "heck yeah!"

Look at these faces. Bliss.

happy halloween

Second, after Halloween is done, the costumes join the others in the dress up wardrobe. It's vast and it's awesome. We have shows, plays and well, just fancy dinners on a Tuesday night. While the costumes are pricey, they look fabulous and are used long after the candy and pumpkins are put away.

Now, on to our selections. This year, both girls wanted glam. But with a twist. My little one fell for the Pink Movie Star Costume-and really who can deny her 7-year-old penchant for things sparkly. There's enough black clothing in NYC. Think pink works for me.

pink movie star costume

The 2-piece girls costume set includes the glorious gown and the matching stole. I still need to find our white gloves. I know they are in the dress-up bin somewhere, just have to find them! She sways, she swishes and she is in little girl heaven.

She also picked the fuzzy slippers. I mean, aren't they just fabulous! My size please.

pink fuzzy slippers

The older girl tapped into her inner warrior. She picked the Greek Goddess Girls Costume. The magnificent flowing dress is accented with decorative Greek-key trim and a detachable tissue lamé cape. I think it helps that she's studying Greek myths in school. Who knows, this may get worked into a presentation.

greek goddess costume

For her hair I did a simple double braid joined in the back, what do you think? Would Athena wear her hair like this? Adding the leaves was a last-minute photo inspiration. I'm pretty please at how it worked out. She's going to wear her Birkenstock's if it's not too cold.

athena hair style

It's not too late to order your costumes. Head to and invest in a costume that will inspire your kids on Halloween and beyond.

This is not a sponsored post. We were given costumes for the photo shoot.

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