Halloween Charm

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Did you sew a costume this year? Host a party for a dozen sugar-buzzed kids? Volunteered at your school's Halloween bake sale. Mom you deserve a little something for your efforts. Sure, the loving devotion of your offspring counts. But so does a little trinket like this18K Gold Small Scrimshaw Skull Pendant ($875) from Me&Ro.;

I wouldn't be spooked at all if this hand carved ivory scrimshaw skull necklace ended up in my trick or treat bag. The little dude/skull is adorned with a rose, cross, and star--making him anything but scary. The designers say the skull signifies rebirth and celebrating good things to com--cheers to that! And we're also told the ivory used in this piece is from ancient fossilized ivory and does not threaten any whales--whew! Shop www.meandrojewelry.com

Momtrends was not paid for this post and we didn't get anything free. But if Me&Ro; did feel inspired to send us something we'd be thrilled.

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