Green Beauty Tips for Mom

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Green Beauty Tips for Mom: Living beautifully means living in the moment. For me that means, carefully picking where I spend my time and where I focus my efforts. Family is always at the top on my list, but I have by no means given up on my own beauty rituals.

To kick off my day, I insist in incorporating a little boost of style and beauty into my routine. After all, I carefully pick out outfits for my daughters each morning and spend precious moments braiding, fixing barrettes and making sure my two girls feel confident and spunky before heading off to school.

But what about mom? Too many of us spend 100% of the morning prepping the kids for school. Here's my advice: carve out 10 minutes for your own beauty routine. I have low-maintenance long hair. By low-maintenance I mean I go to a salon once a week for a blow-out that pretty much lasts five or six days. After that I barely do a thing in the morning. Tip: figure out a way to get long-lasting results from your hair styling session.

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My beauty routine is not intricate, but it makes me feel pretty and polished all day--no matter what the day brings--from business meetings to play dates. I admit I like being known as the "pulled together mom." If 10 minutes with my makeup brushes and a mirror do the trick, so be it.

Here are the essentials for my quick beauty boost: concealer (Armani), bronzer (bobbi brown or mac), eyelash curler (shiseido) and mascara. The finishing touch? Lip gloss of which I have dozens! TIP: Keep your everyday cosmetics in one area and your "once in a while" makeup in another so you don't have to sift through tons of tubes to find what you need.

When it comes to beauty tools, I love that the full line of EcoTools® cosmetic brushes are both beautiful and show respect for the earth. They are 100% cruelty-free, have incredibly soft bristles made of synthetic taklon and have handles made of bamboo and recycled aluminum ferrules. So when I am brushing in my brozner, I'm doing my part to be green and beautiful!

EcoTools® is a proud member of 1% for the Planet, donating to earth-friendly charities such as The Jane Goodall Institute, Ocean Conservatory, and The Conservation Fund. By purchasing EcoTools® products, you're directly contributing 1% of EcoTools® annual sales are donated to the organization and the supported causes.

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