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Online Resources for Families from Google

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As a content creator, we were thrilled when we were asked to visit the NYC offices of Google to learn more about their tools to enhance our website. From YouTube to Google+, here are a few tips and tricks that we learned to help you with your own online business as well as resources for families.

1. Education onYouTube: Families will love the quality content on YouTube and Google told us all about their education channel at This includes a library of exciting and entertaining educational videos as well as teacher approved videos with a focus on math, history, language and science. One of our favorites that we learned about was Sick Science with scientist and teacher Steve Spangler where families can uncover scientific experiments via fun instructional videos.

2. Google Now and Google Voice Search: This tool allows parents to have their own personal assistant by asking questions. It is three times faster than typing and lets you ask Google a question as you would if you were typing.

How these resources can assist busy parents:

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Voice action: tell Google to text, email, set an alarm, send a reminder or book a calendar appointment with your voice in seconds, making multitasking a breeze.
Local info: ask Google for kid­-friendly restaurants nearby, and you'll get a list in seconds along with contact information, directions and a map.

The essentials...faster: You're on the way to the birthday party without a gift: ask "When does Target open?" to make sure you can dart in and get on your way.
Helpful research in minutes: Most parents squeeze their to­dos into the 10 minutes they spend in the car waiting to pick up the kids from soccer. Google voice search lets you research a weekend trip in a couple minutes ("How far away is Philadelphia?" "What's the weather this weekend?" "Show me hotels in downtown Philadelphia." "Show me attractions in Philadelphia.") Done.

Google Now: In addition to seeing weather, traffic and commute details, and appointments in one touch, Google Now shows you exactly what you need at the right time. After you look up an address on your laptop, Google Now will surface that info on your phone, along with directions and traffic info. Google Now and voice search are available on iOS and Android.

3. Online Safety:Safety is a huge concern for parents and we learned all about tools such as SafeSearch where you can hide explicit images, search results, and videos. Simply turn on SafeSearch, a filter that keeps many of the adult results you might not want popping up on the family computer out of your Google Search results. For videos you can use flags on YouTube where you can report a video that you don't think is appropriate. You can also turn YouTube to SafetyMode to identify and hide inappropriate content that you might not want on a family computer. Simply scroll down to the bottom of any YouTube page and click on the button that says “Safety” at the bottom of the page switch it on. You can also log in with a YouTube account and lock SafetyMode as your default setting on each one of your computer browsers.

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