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GoldieBlox Smart Toys for Smart Girls

GoldieBlox unboxing

Toys can drive me crazy. I'm not talking about stepping on the wee doll shoes or spending or trying to find the "hot toy" of the holiday season. I'm talking about finding toys that can entertain, don't require a ton of oversight and can spark the imagination. I want toys with staying power and brain power. I want toys that don't rely on a prince saving the day or a glorious wedding being the end of the story. This summer we spent hours testing hours GoldieBlox and we can give it a huge thumbs up.

To test GoldieBlox, I simply opened the box and let my daughters do the work. I didn't give them much oversight (other than eavesdropping and clicking pictures). I wanted to see what they came up with. We received the Parade Float and the Dunk Tank (we're giving these away too! Be sure to enter below) and this is what happened.

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  They worked collaboratively. They made mistakes. They made repairs. They giggled. They developed a story line and THEY HAD FUN. Hours of fun. And a month later they are still playing. The original sets have been blended and mixed so they can experiment more. Parents know the importance of STEM skills: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) skills. At the beginning of every GoldieBlox story, they introduce some basic engineering vocabulary with a basic “Bill of Materials.” The pieces you get with GoldieBlox are based on the Seven Simple Machines (wheel and axis, lever, pulley, etc.) These are the basic building blocks of every physical thing. In the GoldieBlox Dunk Tank my girls learned the concept of a hinge. Once they learned the simple machine lesson, they start to understand how things are built. Made for girls 3 to 7 years old, these toys are a trend we love. It's not an accident that these toys are captivating kids and making parents applaud. This is a thoughtful brand. GoldieBlox was created to inspire the next generation of innovators, and to help girls think beyond the pink toy aisle. This company is winning awards and making other brands nervous. They've figured out that girls like stories and experimentation. You don't just get a boring stack of bricks, you get characters. In place of an instruction manual, GoldieBlox products feature a story about Goldie and the problems she solves by building a machine. You get the pieces to build the machines that Goldie builds, so you can build along with her. Once you've solved the problem, then you let your imagination take over on the next build. The founders know that some moms can feel a little threatened by the looming specter of STEM subjects. I was an English Major, while I loved statistics, the hard sciences were not my thing. I don't want my bias to influence the girls. I want them to see me as someone who embraces innovation. Debbie and Lindsay (the Founders) tell moms to embrace their innovative nature. "What we can do is recognize the things we do in our lives, and the things our daughters do, and point it out as innovation. For example, when they take a toilet paper rolls and pipe cleaners to make a caterpillar, instead of saying, “That’s so cute,” say, “Wow, you’re an engineer, you built that caterpillar.” Another important message you'll see GoldieBlox is to not give up. Take a look at our video. You'll see our first few tries failed. Keep working girls! Head here to get more information and to shop GoldieBlox.comGoldieBlox wants us all to experiment more. Now's your chance! a Rafflecopter giveaway

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