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Cute Tattoos for Kids from Glitter Toos

Tattoos are big in our house. Ever since my daughter figured out the red eyed tree frog on my ankle doesn't wash off, she's happy whenever she's able to put on a temporary one. And she practices equal opportunity with her "ink"--from a U.S.S. Constitution sailor's emblem to a princess's tiara, she'll put on both girly and boyish designs...Although she did draw the line at the giant shark she got at a pool party last week. It was too "ocean-ish"...well said, young lady.

glitter Collage

Cute Tattoos for Kids from Glitter Toos

The problem I find with these temp tattoos is that they're pretty flat. After a while, they just look...there. Nothing special. Maybe a little cracked or worn off in places. The colors are never that bright, and the designs are always hohum.

Glitter Toos are the exact opposite. These are the most sparkly, most colorful, shiniest things you would ever think to put on your skin...I mean, your kid's's not like I'm putting them on. Nope. Not me.

They accommodate any and all blinged out hobbies...Dogs, Cats and Other Cute Things, Fantasy (think unicorns and dragons), Flowers in Bloom, From the Sea, Snakes and Snails, Sports, holidays, USA Pride, Teen (OMG), their newest Love, Peace and Happiness, and the very cool Zodiac. Sidenote: You would be surprised how many people cross the street now they know Cheryl The Scorpio is coming. Or maybe it's because I'm a grown woman with a glitter tattoo on my arm....achem...Did I write that out loud?

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Glitter Toos are super easy, even for the artistically challenged such as myself. You just peel off the stencil, stick it on your skin and then fill in the picture with the glue. Brush the glitter over the glue with the paint brush, peel off the stencil and there it is! Just use the sweeper brush for getting off any excess.

In each kit, you get 15 stencils, six glitter colors and some glue. There are two applicator brushes with white tips, one precision brush with dark tip and a mini-sweeper brush with stiff bristles. Here is where I got all mixed up. I used the wrong brush to apply, so I wasn't exactly know, like I would have been if I had correctly used the precision brush. Told you. Challenged.

They last for days. Unless you don't want them to, then it's just a little baby oil and you're all clean. It's teeny tiny glitter, not the big stuff you use on crafts, so I wasn't as annoyed with the clean up. But we still did it outside to avoid a potential disco mess. I can see these as great party activities, gifts for kids, ways to celebrate a sporting event or holiday, or just bumming around the pool and glittering in the sun. But if you do take a dip, they suggest blotting it right away to help keep it in tact.

So it's settled...No more flat tats in this house. Now we go for the glitter.

Glitter Toos kits are available for $15.95 at

Momtrends was not paid for this Cute Tattoos for Kids from Glitter Toos post. We did receive samples for review purposes.

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