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Looking for trendy winter accessories? You've come to the right spot. Today I left the house in my puffy coat and UGG boots and I felt, well'?¦ ugh. Winter isn'??t even here yet and I'??m already suffering from the WINTER SCHLEP! I get it every year, even if I get a flu shot. This year, I think my remedy will be some winter accessories to help me look and feel a little glam.

I love these Lurex Berets with just a touch of shimmer to add some drama to my winter wardrobe. Available in gold, silver and white, these wool caps are just the thing to make me look less drab and still stay warm. Coordinating Lurex Handwarmers are also available.

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If I'??m feeling a little adventurous, I just might wear this Punk Hat with Fleece and Peace Sign. Nothing scares away the WINTER SCHLEP like a faux Mohawk. Earflaps keep your ears warm and the peace sign warms your heart. Available in black, red, pink, charcoal and white.

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Nirvanna Designs has a wide selection of winter hats, mittens and scarves in a variety of different styles. Check it out before you catch the WINTER SCHLEP, too!

Nirvanna Designs are made in Nepal, Indonesia, India and Thailand using century old techniques.

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