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Give Good Tech Gifts


Tis the season to give. This year savvy parents are gifting and getting goodies from Microsoft to spread holiday cheer. From tweens to the dad that has everything, I have some great ideas inspired by the latest tech trends.

3-D Printing
If you have the funds, a 3D printer is a super-hot gift this year for any budding designer. The MakerBot is pricey, but think of the creations your kid can dream up. This
3-D printer is supported by Windows 8.1. Design and print game peices, playthings, doll accessories you name it. Get your kids inspired to design. The printing app is called 3D Builder, which is now available for free in the Windows Store. 3D Builder makes it easy to scale, rotate and arrange objects with Windows 8.1’s touch interface and includes a library of 3D printable objects like decorations, toys, jewelry and more that people can customize and adapt in minutes before printing them in 3D. The app works across any Windows 8.1 device.

best smartphone for moms

SmartPhone with Amazing Images
Nokia Lumia. Likely you are the family archivist. You capture all the day-to-day moments that matter. Why not take better family portraits this year? I've been blown away by the Lumia. I am snap happy and love the large and virtual storage capacity on SkyDrive.

And here's some news: As of November 20, Instagram, the popular photo-sharing app, is available Store for Windows Phone 8. This beta version of the app means you'll have access to cool filters and frames.

#madepossible ski

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Check out my picture on the slopes! NO more lugging the SLR on trips. Blogging from the top of Copper Mountain #MadePossible by the amazing camera and Instagram.


Double Duty Tablet/Laptop
Weighing in at 2lbs, this is the chicest accessory in town. It'll tuck into any bag. Since all the moms I know are always on the go this is THE tool to run a family or a business on the fly. While all the Surface products are fab, I'm keen on the Surface Pro 2--and definitely get the full bundle. Its the best worlds of a tablet (for reading and viewing) and a keypad (for shooting off emails).

Surface Pro 2 comes preloaded with Windows 8.1 Pro, and a one-month trial for new Office 365 Home Premium. I've been using OneNote to help organize the holiday chaos! I added all my holiday recipes and shopping lists here and I can access all my files via SkyDrive. So wether I am working on my laptop or my phone I have all the most current files. I stored my famous Sugar Cookie recipe (3rd generation!) and had access to the files on my phone in an instant when I went shopping today for supplies.

#MadePossible Recipe

Check out the sweet chaos that ensued. #MadePossible by OneNote

When you give tech, you are opening the world. Happy shopping.

I am a #OfficeChamps blog ambassador for Microsoft. I am sharing my experiences testing the products and sharing my favorite tips and products. The campaign is sponsored, but never scripted.

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