Getting Organized with Epson

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Back-to-school season isn't just for the kids. It is also a great time for us moms to get organized and Epson has us covered with their unique line of label makers. At a recent preview of the latests collection of Epson products I was really impressed with the Epson LabelWorks LW-400 and saw a future of organized food, supplies, art supplies, clothing bins and so forth.

Getting Organized with Epson

I had the chance to test out this particular model, and my life has been so much more less chaotic. Yes, a label maker can do this! How it works is simple. You add in a tape (you can opt for a variety of color types - white, pearl green, black, clear, silver, yellow, etc), six AA batteries, and then literally type away. I read through the manual to understand various symbols (there are over 300!), frames, font sizes, different formats, punctuation, accents, etc and I was all set.

For my first experiment I wanted to have meals labeled for when I wasn't home. I always tell my sitter what food is in what container, but using the label maker made it clear for both what each child ate as well as the dates of when it was prepared. I especially loved that since it helped me to know when to throw things out and not have them linger and stink up my fridge.

I then used it to organize my daughter's art supplies and label containers with our seasonal clothing. I especially enjoyed doing this since I could organize both girls' clothing and not have a mish-mash of items in a drawer. While using the label maker, I really appreciated how easy it is to use and how lightweight and portable is. The label maker can also work for a variety of labeling needs in your home or office. For the office it would be ideal to store files or create special formats customizable to your business. It could also be used to label wires, barcodes, iron-on clothing, for gift tags, scrapbooking, safety precautions and much more - adding a huge value to this innovative product.

There were also unique features that made it even easier to create labels like the fact that it had a back-lit, two-line display, advanced built-in memory that can store up to 50 files and it can print up to four lines of text!

With back-to-school only days away, it is up to us to keep everything organized, and with the Epson LabelWorks LW-400 you will find answers to all of labeling needs to keep your home and office in order.

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