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Get Outdoors! Fall Activities with Allergies

autumn family fun

Our family spends the week in the city. On Friday--we get out of town. Maybe it's just a short walk in the woods, or maybe it's a more involved trip to a zip-lining course. No matter the adventure, the priority is getting outside with the kids and experiencing nature.

This fall I want to inspire you to try something fun outdoors with your family. I want you to make the most of what fall has to offer--crisp weather (with no bugs!), gorgeous colors and a chance to reconnect with your family before the craziness of the holidays begins.

five fall activities for families

Five for fall activities to try:

Hike. It doesn't have to be complicated. Head to your local park site and find a short walk. Take into consideration the difficultly of the course. In New York get inspiration at Parks & Trails NY's site.
Zip-lining. I love the trend of families heading to the trees and zooming along on wires. Fall is an ideal time to experience these locations. We recently visited the Ramblewild course in Massachusetts and loved it.
Horseback riding. Many locations have family lessons. Go on a group ride and soak in the fall colors.
Canoe. If you've got a lake you can get to, you can likely also find a canoe rental. Load the family up and look for birds and other wildlife.
Bike Riding. Find your local rail trail and plan a day on wheels. Head here to get inspired

 Here's a quick and easy craft to bring a bit of fall inside. Make a leaf banner!

DIY leaf banner

1. Collect leaves on a walk
2. Flatten the leaves out between books
3. Trace the leaves onto fall-colored construction paper
4. Cut out the leaves
5. Punch a hole at the top
6. String them onto butchers twine and hang in a window!

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I want your fall to be all about fun. Allergies make you “less than” the person you truly are. When I’m not suffering from allergies, I feel great. I’m eager to plan our adventures and soak in all the family goodness.

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