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Get Energized with Scheckter's Organic Energy

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Why do I need to get energized with Scheckter's Organic Energy? Here's the thing, I don't sleep. Heaven help you if you're checking your Facebook status on the down-low from bed on a sleepy evening. I will find you. I will catch you. And I will chat you. If only to find something to do while the rest of my household sleeps. It's these insomnia nightmare nights that are followed by exhausting days. But between raising our daughter and my WAHM status as a magazine/web writer, I have to be focused...or at the very least...awake. Can't exactly be creative when, instead of stringing sentences together, I would rather be staring at the inside of my eyelids. #justsaying

I've only recently started drinking coffee and I've never been on the energy drink scene. Even when the cool kids were mixing Red Bull with vodka to stay up all night. Party on, kids. Party on.

No thanks. These super speedy drinks always seemed like I was drowning my body in liquids it didn't want, as much as it felt it needed them. They tasted medicinal. The colors were not known to nature. IMHO, nothing ever feels natural about energy drinks. Until now.

Get Energized with Scheckter's Organic Energy

Scheckter's Organic Energy is the world's first 100% all natural, vegetarian-approved, organic energy drink. The brainchild of Toby Scheckter, who worked on his dad's farm that happened to be UK's largest organic farm, this drink defies the norm and gives you safe and effective way to get up and go.

It lets go of synthetic caffeine, artificial sweeteners, colorants, flavorings and preservatives and instead took a good solid look at what Mother Nature has available. She's a busy woman. I'm sure she's needed an energy boost here and there, right?

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The caffeine from the organic raw green Brazilian coffee beans and organic guarana keep you on your physical and mental games, while organic gingko biloba helps mental performance...ironic, since every time I try to say those two words, I get tongue tied. Organic ginseng helps your body deal better with stress, and organic pomegranate and elderberry juice give you the very best in antioxidants.

Another benefit of having natural ingredients is that they'??re released slowly over a longer period of time. This translates to lasting energy, not that I-can-tackle-the-world-roar-yawn-after-I-take-a-nap-snooze crash of other energy drinks. It also doesn'??t taste like cough syrup. This is a check in the "win" column for when a drink isn' know...cough syrup.

Since this get up and go comes from 135 mgs of raw coffee beans (read: this stuff has 40% more caffeine than most leading energy drinks), I might suggest not chugging one right after dinner. But throughout the day, I promise they'll definitely give you a healthy boost. Kinda like the energy boost my friends get to hurriedly sign off Facebook when I start up a chat at midnight. Only your boost lasts longer, and you'll be more productive...not as annoyed. Definitely not as annoyed.

Scheckter's OrganicEnergy is available in both regular and lite at Whole Foods, Target, and other regional retail stores. Scheckter’s Home

" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Find out more about it on their website here.

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