Germ-Free with the Amazing Mat


The city streets are messy. Grit, grim and dirt all end up on my family's shoes - meaning that this disgusting combination also ends up in my house. To combat that I have been trapping the outside world by placing the Amazing Mat at my front door. It's a great invention for moms we have to share.


Although this is a mat, the Amazing Mat is not your ordinary welcome mat. The anti-bacterial mat hard plastic 25"x31" mat works by trapping 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria by sealing them in its plastic sheets. Each mat contains 30 separate clear "sticky" sheets and after the top sheet of the mat is dirty you simply peel away the recyclable sheet to reveal 29 more underneath. It's really that easy. According to the website, this system can capture mud, dirt, allergens, fungus, mold and even feces! You definitely don't want that in your house!

Safe and easy to walk on for adults, children and pets, the Amazing Mat comes in various designs featuring paws, Oriental designs, Bamboo, Sandstone, and a traditional sign that says "Welcome." The company also sells refill sheets so you can enjoy your mat for multiple uses.

In addition to keep your home clean and germ-free, the Amazing Mat can be placed at the door to your garage to prevent harmful chemicals from being tracked into your home or at the entrance of the baby's nursery to keep the room sanitary and your baby safe. It can also be placed at the front of a doggie door to remove dirt and bacteria from pet paws or next to a kitty litter box.

The Amazing Mat ($29.95) is available in six different designs and can be purchased at

Momtrends was not paid for this post. We were given a sample for review purposes.

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