Fun Vegetable Ideas with Country Crock


I love cooking with my daughter. The experience of creating homemade dishes has quickly become a tradition of ours that I treasure as she is by my side mixing and mashing our own personal creation. One issue, though, is vegetables. She doesn't necessarily hate them but she is less than excited to try them - even after we add them to one of our cool culinary creations. I feel like I've tried it all - from soups to casseroles to sneaking veggies in sauce I feel like I have exhausted the possibility for her every to appreciate wondrous broccoli or crunchy spinach.


That is until i discovered A Very Veggie World. Created by Clare Crespo, this incredible and quirky cookbook features 25 exciting recipes with vegetables that not only focus on nutrition, but they also on make vegetables fun by molding and crafting them into creative shapes. Featuring recipes like the squash-inspired 'Hippo Dip' to mushrooms in the "Mushroom Gnome" dish, the cookbook is packed with whimsical meals - making it an excellent resource for quick and simple tips and recipes to help make serving veggies fun. And even, dare I say, enjoyable! Additionally, all of the recipes are made with Country Crock to enhance the taste of vegetables so that you no longer have to hide or sneak them. In fact, children love veggies served with Country Crock 8 out of 10 kids think veggies with Country Crock are delicious.


Featuring 70% less saturated fat and 30% fewer calories than butter, I was excited to test out the "Bear Paws" recipe that contained the vitamin C-rich sweet potatoes and crunchy cashews. This recipe was also bursting with flavor thanks to the Country Crock, orange zest and nutmeg that also made for a fun cooking experience. While preparing the recipe, my daughter and I looked on at the Clare Crespo Cookbook where she got excited by the bears we were creating. After a few quick steps and 45 minutes of cooking we were ready to devour our creation. With no fussing, my daughter really loved the sweet potato where she even asked if we could make more of the recipes from the cookbook - a true vegetable success story.

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