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Now that it's officially October, we're really getting into the Halloween spirit here at Momtrends. Did you catch Nicole's girls in their happy Halloween costumes yesterday? Along that same vein, I thought I would share some more fun Halloween-ready goodies with you!

Our holiday lovin' family likes to have fun with Halloween ALL month long! Whether we're working on Halloween crafts, decorating our house so it's properly spooky or rockin' Halloween themed clothes, we're ready for Halloween almost as soon as October hits!


Your kiddos might only have occasion to wear an actual costume once or twice during the season, but that doesn't mean they can't show their Halloween spirit in other ways! The Children's Place, for instance, has a bevy of Halloween themed clothes, as well as cute costumes. Even if there are only a couple official Halloween costume events on your books, I bet your little ones would have a blast all year long with their costumes if you put them in a dress up chest.

My son begged to put his costume on the second it arrived in the mail! Haha! It's hard to say no to a five year old who's plastering you with kisses as he's begging. Just sayin'. Needless to say, he's been running around dressed up like Mike Wazowski more often than not these days. Did I mention that he's also been trying to scare me every time I turn around? It's what any good Monsters University scarer student would do right? You gotta love him! And speaking of my lil' dude...


Remember the cool PLAE sneakers that he sported in last week's fall footwear roundup? Well, in case you used your discount code, MOM20 to pick up a pair, you might want these Halloween tabs too!

So, is your family filled with Halloween spirit already too?

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