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CalNaturale,the first-ever national consumer brand from California Natural Products, offers a unique catalogue of products such as their wine made from organically-grown grapes. This includes two blends (Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay) that are both packaged in Tetra-Pak flexible packaging - making them very compact and eco-friendly since they use less than half the greenhouse gasses, waste and energy to produce and transport the wine.

After a long day I enjoyed a glass of the bold and full-bodied Cabernet Savignon that was packed with berries, oak and black currants that delivered a smooth and rich flavor. This wine was farmed in French Vineyards at the Paso Robles Appellation using high quality grapes and traditional winemaking to deliver a stellar product that is not expensive.

The Chardonnay was also a nice addition to some summer BBQ's and I loved how it provided a vibrant and crisp mouth-feel that I later learned was thanks to the ripe apples, pear and hints of citrus that are in the wine.


In addition to the wine, CalNaturale also offers a line of all-natural protein shakes that provide sustained nutrition and energy by using simple ingredients. This includes delicious flavors like chocolate, vanilla, spiced chai, and cappuccino that provide 16g of protein that is sourced from organic soymilk - making them ideal for those can't tolerate dairy or don't eat it. I loved testing out this collection of drinks with my favorite being the chocolate. It was a refreshing treat during the middle of the day that was actually packed with fiber, vitamins and minerals as well as pure organic cocoa and a touch of sugar. In addition to drinking it as a mid-day treat, they can also be enjoyed in coffee, in cereal and as an extra ingredient in your favorite smoothie. Beyond the delicious blends, I also really appreciated their unique marketing that included slogans like "Hello Beautiful" or "Just Your Style" that makes the experience even more enjoyable.

With a a 30-year history of innovation and excellence, California Natural Products is an exciting brand that cares about how there products are sourced to create unique products for wellness, health and occasional indulgence.

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