Friday Finds: Favorite Smoothie Recipes


We tend to enjoy a lot of smoothies in my house in the morning. As a great way to get kids to eat veggies (I add kale or spinach in them) as well as a dose of fruits, smoothies are my go-to for instant nutrition. I generally make the same one, so I have been scouring the web looking for some new ideas to mix up my smoothie routine. Here are a few of my delicious finds.

1. The Frugalette shares a delicious Blueberry Flax Seed Green Smoothie that is packed with blueberries, almond milk and spinach. She also linked to 27 other smoothies for tons of delicious ideas.

2. The Gunny Sack shares some tasty Strawberry Smoothies that would be good for dessert. Featuring some festive straws and whipped cream, this yummy smoothie also has yogurt and ice for a chilly treat that kids will love.

3. Primal Todd has another great strawberry smoothie recipe but this one also includes Kombucha, Citrus, Banana, Ginger and Strawberries for a unique and yummy combination.

4. Incredible Smoothies has an interesting recipe for a Acerloa Pomegranate Super Green Smoothie that is packed with the tarty Acerola fruit, kale and pears.

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